Sunday, January 27, 2013

Blackberry to be the new King..of MDM (again)

Not too long ago Blackberry was pretty much the only white collar enterprise mobility choice. With great security, physical keyboards, and blackberry messenger they were the favourite of road warriors and IT departments. I remember when iPhone came out that early on a lot of hardcore enterprise mobility people saw them only as fashion accessories.

Now with Android, iOS, and BYOD  everywhere the market for MDM offerings expanded. Gartner publishes a magic quadrant for MDM and products like Afaria, Airwatch, and Zenprise have become an important part of an IT departments arsenal. In the past the white collar devices where covered by the Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) and companies like Motorola provided MDM capabilities for their own devices.

As Research In Motion (RIM) has now announced BES10 with MDM support for iOS and Android will they become the new king (again) of MDM? They still have a wide install base (albeit much smaller) running existing BES. Will we see RIM topping the Gartner quadrant anytime soon? I think much rides on the adoption of their new devices and how aggressive they are in selling and marketing their new BES.