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Mobile Maturity
Mobile computing has been around for quite awhile, this article explores the tech life-cycle and what it means for business.

Mobile Bubble
Visualize this blog as a bubble chart

Mobile Perspectives
How does Thailand and Japan compare to Australia when it comes to mobile?

Mobile Integration
Arguably the most complex part of any enterprise mobile project.

Reacting Agile
Can your organisation keep pace with the digital spiral?

Wallet Wars
Digital wallets might be the future but can the beat the good old piece of cow skin in your pocket?

Sticky Not Tricky
You need to make your enterprise mobile applications sticky. Take a leaf from the trends in web design and ensure users love your applications.

Enterprise Mobile Tips and Tricks
Looking for a free book that covers the A to Z of enterprise mobility. Look no further than Enterprise Mobile Tips and Tricks covering business case to business as usual.

The History of Mobile Computing
Mobile Computing didn't just arrive spontaneously! Many different technological and cultural advances have combined to make Mobile Computing what it is today.

Enterprise Mobility Challenges
The key challenges to mobilising the Enterprise are more than just technical difficulties. Wade through the hype, find business value and consider the change impacts.

Need a map to BYOD?
Mocana Application Protection software leverages years of government and industry security experience. They might just provide the map you need to navigate the BYOD maze.

Facebook Home and Future Social Mobility
Feature layers on top of an OS are normally not successful but Facebook has the following to give it a real go. If it works who will follow next and what will allow social networking to cross from personal to professional?

Enterprise Gamification
Combining game theory, enterprise systems, business KPIs, social collaboration, and mobility to drive better productivity.

Enterprise Mobile Prototyping
Prototyping enables rapid successful enterprise mobile application projects. This follow up article looks at how to use a prototyping tool. How does prototyping work? How can you incorporate prototyping into a mobile application project? What phases of a project can prototyping be used?

Enterprise Glass
Google Glass opens a wide variety of opportunities for Social, Mobilie, Analytics, and Cloud in the Enterprise. This article provides examples of where Glass could be used in B2B and B2E applications.

The Rules of Enterprise Mobility
Covering key guidelines for mobile applications, mobile users, and mobility toolsets. When should you select a mobile platform? What are the key mobility user groups? What is the scope of a mobile platform? What types of mobile applications are there?

SAP Enterprise Mobility, M2M, and the Internet of things
How to move from or avoid an enterprise hairball?  What is a good mobility strategy? What are the components of the SAP Mobile Platform are how are they being unified? How is M2M evolving into the internet of things? What are examples of current and future M2M solutions?

How to Select a Device for Enterprise Mobility
How do you decide which mobile device to use in your enterprise? What are all the factors to consider? In this article all the key aspects of mobile device selection are covered including user groups, use cases, use profiles, technical, and non-technical requirements, TCO, and consumer vs enterprise devices.

Mobile Thoughts for February 2013
Mobile computing is becoming closer to just being computing. Changes in technology, materials science, user interface, and software continue to improve mobile computers. This article explores the future of mobile computing, looks into the use cases of computing and how well different form factors work for each category.

Should you allow employees bring their own device (BYOD) into the enterprise? It’s a question that raises many others. Is the business data going to be at risk? This article covers byod strategy success factors, current usage of mobile technology, managing risks, the right policies, managing the fleet as well as supporting tools and solutions.

Mobile Testing
One challenge for any IT project is to ensure that testing is performed efficiently and effectively. Enterprise mobility is more than a pretty UI. This blog covers key considerations like integration, communications, device form factors, security, and more.

Mobile Benefits
Thanks to the consumerization of information technology and the app store phenomenon Enterprise Mobile Applications are moving away (thankfully) from clunky form driven screens. This blog explores the benefits of many different types of mobile applications.

Mobile B2B
Business to business (B2B) mobile applications, like all enterprise mobility apps, are becoming more prevalent throughout industry. This blog explores examples, challenges, and benefits of B2B applications.

SAP Mobile Audience
SAP has plans to reach a billion users with its platform and mobility offering. Is SAP's licensing model appropriate? This blog looks into each of the mobile audiences B2B, B2E, and B2C to understand how SAP can target them effectively.

Mobile Platforms
When considering technical platforms for mobility there is a lot of debate about whether to use Native or HTML5. This article looks at the pros and cons of each as well as mobile platforms.

Blackberry to be King?
Is Blackberry bouncing back, with BES10 supporting operating systems like IOS and Android can Blackberry target the Mobile Device Management (MDM) space?