Monday, September 7, 2015

Mobile Enterprise News (0915)

Google news results for Enterprise Mobile (Aug 2015)
The weather bureau and financial analysts are particularly good at telling you what happened in the past and not always as flash at telling you what will happen next month. So I thought I’d use the same strategy and analyse the past month in Enterprise Mobile. Using my completely not patented method (and a little help from wordle) I’ve analysed the trends in Enterprise Mobility news and will touch briefly on the biggest topics found in each.

As you can see from the word cloud the hottest Enterprise Mobile news topics according to Google last month included:
  • Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) driven in part by industry analysis reports, for example VDC & Ovum (where interestingly they have a conflicting view on the outlook for the EMM market) and product announcements from companies including VMware and Blackberry.
  • Security is closely related to the EMM topic and this last month's news is generated in part from industry analysis reports (for example Gartner & Check Point) and announcements from organisations such as IBM, SyncDog, and HP to name a few.
  • The news on devices includes announcements from Cisco & Apple, Samsung, Blackberry, and Zebra (to name a couple) and given that this is an Enterprise perspective it's no surprise that the device topic was heavily related to business features, security, printing, etc.
Now onto the top of the top, that is the top news from the last month for some of the top vendors in the Enterprise Mobility arena, in alphabetical order:
  • Adobe - App Analytics bundling
  • Apple - optimization with the Cisco partnership
  • Blackberry - passport silver and new BES version
  • Good Technology - mobility index report for Q2
  • Google - new workplace Glass
  • HP - releases mt42 (IOT enterprise mobile thin client) 
  • IBM  - leveraging Apple partnership in managed mobility
  • Kony - APN mobile competency
  • Microsoft - EMS subscription
  • Mobile Iron - legal news wrt Good
  • Oracle - purchase of Maximyser
  • Salesforce - enterprise Apple Watch apps
  • Samsung - S6 Edge+
  • SAP - partner press release from IntelliCorp/SQALOGIC
Cloud certainly is an underlying theme in the enterprise mobile space with all major players continuing to strengthen their approaches, tools, and messaging. Additionally the hardware and OS manufacturers are talking enterprise features and associated security. Here's hoping that this trend continues with the battleground for the enterprise space driving continued industry innovation.

Disclaimer: Adam works for SAP, his opinions are his own, and all data in this article is sourced from the public domain, thanks Google.

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