Thursday, February 21, 2013

Intuitive Prototyping

I've worked on a number of mobile and business applications over the years. And have always just used the tools I had at hand to mock up screens, write specifications, and show user groups what the application would look like. By tools at hand I mean print-screen and Paint, PowerPoint, Excel, or even Flash. However I always felt that there was probably a better way, especially when you have a large user community and are only able to leverage a small group in a workshop. I happened to be following up my testing mobility blog and came across Etay Gafni from intuito who had been kind enough to leave a comment.

I had a great chat with Etay, who incidentally has a fantastic side project bankaroo, about how he addresses some of the problems associated with application development. Intuito provides a mobile application prototyping solution with analytics, heat mapping, testing, and feedback capability. From our discussion it became clear that this wasn't just a product that was whipped up based on a brainwave. The need for this capability has come out of years of real-world application development projects. Etay was quick to point out some of the benefits including:
  • Requirements validation
  • Early user input & feedback
  • Accelerated development cycle (RAD)
  • Empowering non-technical folk

The product currently has a flexible subscription model, ability to brand, and numerous partnering options. It's encouraging that the tool is used by a number of large software houses and enterprises. For me I could see great use as an accelerator for presales, blueprinting, and design work. I'm sure intuito could find a happy home with System Integrators, Software companies, or Enterprises that develop their own applications.

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