Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Not So Scary Spydr

Had a great conversation the other day with Michael Pratt the CEO of SpydrSafe. They have a very interesting new product that protects mobile applications and Michael has a wealth of knowledge in the enterprise mobility arena. Currently available for Android, and in Beta for IOS, SpydrSafe has a refreshing approach to enterprise and personal security.

What I found particularly nice about the product is its user focus. For example it clearly indicates which applications are protected and which are blacklisted. And while it looks good and is easy to understand don't worry its not just a fluff application. Underneath is a strong Data Loss Prevention (DLP) heritage with features like sharing control and copy/paste restriction.

Michael and I discussed the control dashboard as well as how SpydrSafe can fit into an enterprise ecosystem alongside MDM offerings for device management.

With the proliferation of mobile computing and the blending of personal and enterprise technology there is definitely a space for this kind of product. Obviously the MDM and Operating System providers are increasing their footprint, adding more and more features, and I bet some of them would love to get their hands on this spider.

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