Friday, January 10, 2014

Enterprising the Consumer

Time to get on the bandwagon and mention a quick thought for Enterprise Mobility in 2014!
Enterprising the Consumer
Everyone talks these days about the “consumerisation” of the enterprise. However, much of the technology that is now used extensively in consumer devices came originally from enterprise innovation. For example battery life indicators, WIFI, and GPS (to name just a few) came from government and business sectors. It took some great minds and insights to bring together the nexus of available technologies into products that consumers had to have.

With a more general release of Google Glass expected in 2014 the spotlight will be on consumer uptake and associated unit sales volumes. However to make Glass a success it might take the enterprise sector to drive innovation into practical applications and use cases of the new form-factor. We are already seeing trials in police and military applications. Expect to see:
  • Retail Shopping experiences, gift registry, along with retail employee facing applications
  • Conference and event location awareness for attendees, organizers, & booth bunnies
  • Real-estate and Tour applications for customer's and employees
  • Logistics and Asset Management applications

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