Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Mobile Enterprise News (1115)

Google news results for Enterprise Mobile (Oct 2015)
Welcome to this month's round-up of the hottest topics in mobile computing. All the hard work was done by Google & Wordle with findings massaged through my unregulated and completely unsanctioned process.

Last month Apple stood out with a big share of news articles. In this month's word cloud you can see that Android has grown with many Marshmallow mentions. Speaking of cloud, and mentions, the term Cloud itself is featuring more prominently than in previous months. Not unusually the key topics in Enterprise Mobility are:

  • Security & Management - these days your modern day Bonnie & Clyde are more likely to be sporting a Mac Book Pro than a Tommy Gun. They say fear sells so I'm sure that these topics will remain in the top spot for the foreseeable future.
  • Apps - feature in plenty of Enterprise Mobile news articles, surveys, and blogs. Most everyone says apps are great but not everyone has got around to buying or implementing them for everything yet. I guess I'll keep using my laptop and coming into the office for a bit longer.
  • Cloud - much buzz in the cloud security space this month with articles featuring Sencha, IBM & AT&T, Synchronoss, Mitel and many more.
Now on to the top of the top, that is the top vendors & solution providers in the area of Enterprise Mobile. Please let me know if you would like to see additional organisations in this list:

  • Adobe - eSign announcements & new mobile apps feature strongly this month.
  • Apple - iPad Pro continues to write articles with roll-outs across geographies and PR regarding a partnership with Telogis hits the news
  • Blackberry - Enterprise Server 12, rumors suggest a move away from hardware.
  • Google (Alphabet) - Pixel Tablet, Mobile Search revenue is up, Marshmallow.
  • HP - The company split grabbed the headlines this month with Hewlett Packard Enterprise and HP Inc the two new entities. 
  • IBM - partners with AT&T for cloud mobile security, big deals with Etihad & EVRY announced.
  • Kony - new LATAM leader, partnership with Exicon, 
  • Microsoft - Cloud & Enterprise team changes, struggles with Windows phone, 
  • MobileIron - Cooperation announcement by Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology + a number of revenue and stock price announcements
  • Oracle - Cloud & Mobile announcements including Sencha, Xamarin, & VMware
  • Samsung - Leveraging Oracle to rival the Apple + IBM enterprise partnership, Samsung Pay roll-out, 
  • SAP - SAP Vehicles Network, KeyNote testing, openSAP courses, & HANA Cloud Platform announcements.
  • Xamarin - added this month due to the number of announcements in relation to RoboVM & Oracle.

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