Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Enterprise Mobile News (1215)

Google news results for Enterprise Mobile (Nov 2015)
Welcome to this month's round-up of the hottest topics in mobile computing. All the hard work was done by Google & Wordle with findings massaged through my unregulated and completely unsanctioned ETD (extract, transform, and display) process.

Last month, Android's Marshmallow and "Cloud" dominated in the world of Enterprise Mobility. In this month's word cloud you can see that Microsoft and Apps are featuring prominently. The key topics in Enterprise Mobility this month are:
  • Microsoft & Windows - plenty of articles this month, details below in the vendor section.
  • Apps - it comes as no surprise that the term "apps" is the hottest mobile search term, correspondingly much of any given month's analysis, articles, and reviews are dedicated to mobile applications.
  • Security & Management - when it comes to business and information technology this topic continues to feature prominently. This drives up complimentary terms for example "data" with an abundance of analysis boldly bantering concern demanding determined direct data damage discontinuation equated exactly to lackluster leaking losses.  
Now on to the top of the top, that is the top vendors & solution providers in the area of Enterprise Mobile. Please let me know if you would like to see additional organisations in this list:
  • Adobe - adding to Microsoft's word cloud dominance this month with Acrobat for Intune and to the Security & Apps categories with an eSign Manager App announcement.
  • Apple - relatively quiet this month compared to previous months, most of the news is driven from 3rd party releases of enterprise apps.
  • Blackberry - driving the Security & Management category up with BES12 and articles relating to the Good Technology acquisition.
  • Google (Alphabet) - Mobility Management articles feature prominently wrt Android.
  • HP & HPE - like last month the company split is still trending along with plenty of articles relating to the partnership with Microsoft.
  • IBM - a scattering of articles this month on various topics including Z-systems, ECM, and MobileFirst.
  • Kony - Orasi partnership announcement, Rohleder joins advisory board.
  • Microsoft - features heavily this month for a variety of topics including PowerApps, Azure AD, partnership with HPE, purchase of Mobile Data Labs, and of course Windows 10.
  • MobileIron - partnership with Distribution central and of course many articles regarding security & management.
  • Oracle -  analysis and articles on a variety of topics with cloud featuring heavily.
  • Samsung - Knox features heavily driving up the security and management topics in this months word cloud.
  • SAP - Fiori mobile service, along with articles regarding Mobile Secure & Mobile Documents both driving up the security & management topics in the word cloud. 
Disclaimer: Adam works for SAP, his opinions are his own, and all data in this article is sourced from the public domain, thanks Google and Wordle.

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