Friday, March 4, 2016

Enterprise Mobile News (0316)

Enterprise Mobile News results (Jan/Feb 2016)
In this month's round-up of the hottest topics in mobile computing, top mobility news is covering the slightly slower period of both January and February. To add a bit of excitement I request that you read the next sentence using a movie announcer voice: The worlds' greatest news gathering and research process ensures only the hottest, most topical, exciting, and dramatic Enterprise Mobile News articles are summarised for your reading enjoyment. Ok, actually I just get it from Google & shove it into WordClouds & do a few tweaks using my usual unregulated and completely unsanctioned ETD (extract, transform, and display) process.

Of course MWC in Barcelona and Apple's discussion with the FBI add a bit of spice to the last couple of months. Samsung has moved up a little in this edition however Apps, Security, and Windows are still the hottest topics with the largest share of news articles.  The key topics in Enterprise Mobility this month are:
  • Apps, apps, apps - if you are interested in mobile you should be aware that the term apps typically features top of all searches, news, and marketing efforts.
  • Microsoft & Windows - this time topics include the procurement of Xamarin, Enterprise State Roaming, Universal Apps, HP's Elite X3
  • Management & security - when it comes to Enterprise Mobility these topics continue to be at the forefront. In recent news is worth a mention as a community/partner based approach to standardising EMM integration for enterprise applications.
Now on to the top of the top, that is the top vendors & solution providers in the area of Enterprise Mobile. Please let me know if you would like to see additional organisations in this list:
  • Adobe - Experience Manager Mobile announcement, ColdFusion and Reader updates
  • Apple - Partnership with IBM has SWIFT in the Cloud, Who is bigger Alphabet or Apple?, iOS 9.3 Sharing & Education features look promising, and of course Apple vs FBI.
  • Blackberry - EMM partnership with Microsoft for BES Azure support.
  • Google (Alphabet) - Who is bigger Apple or Alphabet?, Glass 2, SkyBender, mobile commenting in apps.
  • HP & HPE - Elite X3 device announcement, partnership with Microsoft from CPM in the cloud, AppPulse upgrades,
  • IBM - Partnership with Apple for SWIFT in the cloud, purchase of Ustream & Aperto
  • Kony - appears primarily in industry & analyst articles along with customer announcements
  • Microsoft - EMM partnership with Blackberry for BES Azure support
  • MobileIron - appearing primarily in industry and analyst articles
  • Oracle -  partnership with Samsung for app development, purchase of Ravello
  • Samsung - product announcements (e.g. S7, Gear S2, 256GB UFS), Android for Work (AFW), partnership with Oracle,
  • SAP - purchase of Roambi, Lenovo partnership, along with analyst and customer announcements.
Disclaimer: Adam works for SAP, his opinions are his own, and all data in this article is sourced from the public domain, thanks Google and WordClouds.

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