Friday, January 8, 2016

Enterprise Mobile News (0116)

Google news results for Enterprise Mobile (December 2015)
Welcome to this month's round-up of the hottest topics in mobile computing. All the hard work was done by Google & Wordle with findings massaged through my unregulated and completely unsanctioned ETD (extract, transform, and display) process.

Microsoft and Apps continue to feature prominently this month along with a larger showing by IBM. Also a number of announcements stemmed from the Forrester Wave Enterprise Mobile Management.The key topics in Enterprise Mobility this month are:
  • Apps, apps, apps - if you are interested in mobile then apps typically feature top of all searches, news, and marketing efforts. Some specific topics this month include Apple & IBM announced their 100 app milestone and Microsoft's PowerApps,
  • Microsoft & Windows - in this month a new version release and associated articles have helped  maintain the high ranking in the word cloud.
  • Management & security - when it comes to Enterprise Mobility these topics continue to be at the forefront.
Now on to the top of the top, that is the top vendors & solution providers in the area of Enterprise Mobile. Please let me know if you would like to see additional organisations in this list:
  • Adobe - Flash and Animate CC news, 
  • Apple - enterprise apps partnership with IBM, Open Sourcing Swift, and plenty of IOT / connectivity articles with Apple connecting to Ford Sync, Sonos, and the like.
  • Blackberry - Android, PRIV, and company results dominate in the last month.
  • Google (Alphabet) - Glass 2.0, Ventures, AI Messaging are getting the headlines
  • HP & HPE - Cloud partnership with Microsoft, Aruba, HP Falcon
  • IBM - app partnership with Apple along with announcements relating to the Forrester Wave dominate this month. 
  • Kony - Mobile Field Service for SAP.
  • Microsoft - Project Astoria, partnerships, updates, and results feature heavily.
  • MobileIron - Forrester Wave announcements, and investment/share price news feature heavily.
  • Oracle -  primarily partner and analyst articles.
  • Samsung - new Mobile Chief, settlement with Apple, 
  • SAP - mostly partner and analyst articles.
Disclaimer: Adam works for SAP, his opinions are his own, and all data in this article is sourced from the public domain, thanks Google and Wordle.

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