Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Enterprise Mobile News (0616)

Enterprise Mobile News (May 2016)
Welcome to this month's round-up of all the happenings in the world of Enterprise Mobility. First up a quick thanks to GoogleWordClouds for the data and visualisation used in this article. As usual any mistakes are no doubt introduced by my own completely unsanctioned ETD (extract, transform, and display) process.

There are some movements in the key topics with a lot more buzz around Apple, SAP, Windows, and Android than we've seen in the last few editions. The key topics in Enterprise Mobility are:
  • Security - when it comes to Enterprise Mobility security is always right up there in popularity. No change this edition with plenty of vendor & analysts articles.
  • Apple & SAP - announced a partnership for enterprise applications and an SDK. I'm happy to say that the company I work for is featuring front and centre this month.
  • Windows & Android - both also featured strongly in the last month thanks primarily to EMM topics.
Now on to the top of the top, that is the top vendors & solution providers in the area of Enterprise Mobile. (Please let me know if you would like to see additional organisations in this list)
  • Adobe - announcements and blogs covering Adobe Experience Manager, partners and apps.
  • Apple - certainly most attention went to the SAP & Apple partnership which adds to Apple's enterprise involvement with IBM & Cisco. In additon announcements included a Bangalore based Design & Development centre & the DiDi Chuxing App.
  • Blackberry - partner program change, market, and customer announcements.
  • Google (Alphabet) - plenty of news from I/O including AI, Virtual reality + Eric's in the news for being an iPhone user.
  • HP & HPE - update on the CSC merger, new HP venture group, and IOT.
  • IBM - storage memory breakthrough, blockchain, cloud based quantum computing.
  • Kony - customer announcements and 451 analysis.
  • Microsoft - partnership with Citrix, mobile job cuts, docs.microsoft.com, and the usual analyst articles and blogs.
  • MobileIron - telco channel sale announcements & Rooms app.
  • Oracle - Java battle with Google is featuring heavily + customer announcements and purchase of Opower
  • Samsung - usual leaks and rumors surrounding new devices, Huawei lawsuit, & Gear VR uptake.
  • SAP - Big news of course is the partnership with Apple and the associated SDK.
Disclaimer: Adam works for SAP, his opinions are his own, and all data in this article is sourced from the public domain, thanks Google and WordClouds.

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